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Engagement Ring Care: 5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a representation of commitment and undying love. From time to time, an engagement ring will be the best memento of the day a man proposed marriage to his wife.  


That’s why every engagement ring deserves proper care and a great value of love from its owner. And if you’re already wearing a precious engagement ring on your finger, can you say for yourself that you’re giving your ring tender loving care?


Whether the answer is a yes or a no, why not proceed to the next pages and see how you can maintain your engagement ring’s brand-new look? So, get ready to scroll through the following tips and spoil your engagement ring with all the love and care it deserves.

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1. Always remove your engagement ring when you’re about to do heavy duty.

Seeing dents, scratches, and signs of breakage in an engagement ring are every engaged or married woman’s nightmare. So, if you don’t want to see your engagement ring covered with dents or scratches, make sure to take it off when you’re about to do heavy duty. 


Such heavy duties like gardening, lifting a heavy piece of furniture, doing manual labours may scratch or damage your engagement ring without your awareness. You may also want to remove your engagement ring and keep it in a safe place for a while before you go for a swim or do kayaking and paddle boarding as you might misplace the ring or roughen it.

2. But, avoid removing your engagement ring in crowded or public places. 

However, always be careful when and where you’re removing your engagement ring, especially if you don’t want to lose it or misplace it. With that, you wouldn’t want to take it off in a crowded or public place.


Before going to a public comfort room to use a toilet or wash your hands, whether it’s at the mall or not, see to it that you put your engagement ring inside your purse’s pocket first. It’s because taking your engagement ring off in crowded or public places might lead to theft, lost or you might forget where’d you put it. 

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3. Give your engagement ring a careful cleaning service at least quarterly.

Since you use your hands more often, your engagement ring becomes prone to getting buildups, dirt, residues, oil, and other microscopic impurities that might affect its overall beauty and sparkle. These microscopic impurities might scrape or stain your precious engagement ring when not cleaned properly.


To keep your ring from getting the unwanted stains or scratches, you better clean your engagement ring as regularly as possible or quarterly. You might not see it, but even the tiniest and slightest amount of dirt or films may impact the stone’s brilliance. So, always give your engagement ring its well-deserved cleaning service as regularly as you can.

4. Let a professional check your engagement ring at least a couple of times in a year.

Making your engagement ring a part of your everyday wear makes it vulnerable to having blemishes, to catching dirt and films, and to the risk of damages. If not taken care of properly, the engagement ring may look old and worn-out in the next few months, years or so.


With that, you might want to bring your engagement ring to a jewellery expert to check if the pongs are still securely in place and so on. Do it at least twice a year to ensure your engagement ring’s stone is safe.


You don’t have to worry about the cost because most jewellers are doing it free-of-charge whether they’re your ring provider or not.

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5. Think very carefully about resizing your engagement ring because you can’t get it done for more than once.

It’s easy to think about getting your engagement ring resized for once or for twice. But, know that engagement ring resizing isn’t advisable to do for more than once. 


Constant resizing may affect the engagement ring band’s durability that may soon result in unwanted breakage. As the band weakens, the more vulnerable the engagement ring will become when it comes to bents and deformation. 


So, if you already get your engagement ring resized once, and it doesn’t fit your finger now, you might want to put it somewhere safe like your storage box, jewellery box or make it as your necklace’s pendant, and wait for the time that it fits your finger once again. 

Getting engaged in taking good care of your engagement ring

Taking care of your engagement ring shouldn’t be stressful. And that’s why we make things more bearable for you by unearthing the following ways or tips you can do to prolong your engagement ring’s lifespan. 


Whether you’re an engaged woman or a married woman now, know that giving your engagement ring extra tender loving care should be your top priority. In that way, you can always use it like it’s the first time you wear it on your finger and make everyone notice its beautiful sparkle.


If you got more engagement ring care tips in mind and would like to share it with our readers, know that our doors are always open to hearing your thoughts. So, see you in our next tips and tricks, okay?


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