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7 Key Factors for Employees to Endure a Toxic Workplace

A toxic work environment may cause stress and may affect an employee’s peace of mind. Not just that, but an unlikely workplace immensely contributes to the employee’s poor work performance and overall personal development.

While there’s no perfect workplace with no existing conflicts or issues, we can’t deny that such toxicity may affect an employee’s personal development, peace of mind, and self-esteem. That only proves how a toxic work environment can harm an employee in various aspects. 

And to save yourself from this unhealthy situation, you can refer to the following tips below. This piece carefully gathered simple ideas for employees to survive a toxic work environment. 

1. Create a group or network of reliable co-workers

Usually, a toxic workplace has a dominant, eagle-eyed, greedy, and judgmental people. That’s why finding at least one or two co-workers whom you can rely on is a great help to save you from drowning with the unhealthy thoughts delivered by your unfortunately toxic workplace.

Connect with people whom you can entrust with your concerns and are very much convenient to provide you with ample support and a handful of advice. 

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2. Stay goal-focused all the time. 

Since a toxic work environment may affect your peace of mind, you may also lose focus on achieving your personal and career goals. That’s why you should always keep your eyes wide open on the prize, which means to remain goal-focused as possible as you can.

Yes, a toxic workplace can be distracting but, by prioritising and diverting all your attention to either of your personal or professional goals, you’ll find a way out to the stressful and toxic work-related dilemmas.

Moreover, focusing on your goals or aims in life or at work can make you feel more motivated to survive each day no matter how big or small the challenges that would come your way. 

3. Consult the management or about it

Some sort of office conflict must be resolved not only by the employees involved but also with the appropriate or higher management to take the role as an advocate. It’s to assure that the act of ironing out the issues will be for long-term or permanent purposes.

And if your company has impeccable HR services, the better, and the success of resolving the conflict or issues is more feasible.

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4. Be civil and always be kind to everyone.

Another thing you can do to overcome a toxic situation in the office is to stay civil and kind to everyone as much as possible. As they say, kill or smother them with all your kindness and gentleness, which applies to either your toxic or non-toxic workmate. 

It’s because at the end of the day, no matter what they say behind your back or what they do to destroy you, your conscience will remain clean and peaceful from doing nothing harmful or somewhat form of vengeance over that person or group of people.  

5. Learn the art of work-life balance

Nowadays, the regular working hours feel more like twenty-four hours – thinking about your pending tasks even after work, or working at home even without pay, and so on. This behavior or habit can ruin your work-life balance that may somehow affect your overall progress at work and even your improvement as an individual.

If you think that it’s helping you survive the unhealthy work environment or save yourself from getting overdue with all your work-related tasks, well, you’re wrong. You must know how to set boundaries when it comes to your work and your life outside work.  

It’s never a crime to work hard during office hours, but you must also learn to live your life by learning the art of work-life balance. 

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6. Choose your peace of mind over anything else.

Dealing with a toxic workplace over eight hours, five days per week can certainly be draining. And unfortunately, your efforts on surviving the unhealthy office environment almost every day may affect your perspective over anything and everything around you.

That’s why you should never think twice of choosing your peace of mind over anything else. Don’t be afraid to take a few steps back and leave work or go for a long break from work. If filing vacation leaves isn’t enough, then resigning might be the answer – and finding a new employer is the key. 

7. Separate work from your personal life

One of the usual mistakes of most employees is mixing up their work with personal life. For example, answering work-related calls/messages in the middle of a family gathering, choosing to work overtime than spending time with the family, and so on. 

Well, while there are professions who can’t avoid keeping in touch with their clients, it may still affect you more than how a toxic workplace can. That’s why always prioritize enjoying life once you stepped out of the doors of your office. 

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An unpleasant or unhealthy work environment is indeed upsetting. And that’s why these tips are free for you to do so you could easily pull yourself together and effectively survive your working hours lighter than before. 

But, before exiting the pages, please send us your thoughts or additional suggestions – don’t be shy and start commenting down below. 


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with Bachelor of library and information science on the side and now writes for HR Dept, an outsourced HR support provider based in Australia. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.

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