Egypt Travel Guide: Tourists Information about Traveling to Egypt

So you are going to plan on vacation to Egypt and here is a brief Egypt travel guide for you. Egypt is a warm country with a lot of tourism attractions.
Besides getting a nice sun and bath vacation, you will notice that Egypt has a lot more to offer. Here you will find the diving paradise The Red Sea, The pyramids, Luxor etc.

For those who has the time, it’s possible to take a tour along the Nile and see Egypt from a boat.Most people that goes to Egypt will either go to Sharm El Sheik, Hurghada or El Gouna. These areas are made for tourist that wants more than just to lay at the beach and get a tan.

Sharm el Sheikh is known for its good diving water with wrecks and other underwater attractions. But you will soon find out that Egypt has more places such as Hurghada to offer those diving enthusiasts. If you want to see the great pyramids and spend some time in a large city, then Cairo is the place to go.

The seaside resort of Hurghada is located in Egypt on the Red Sea. The former fishing village awaits you during your vacation with kilometers of trails with sandy beaches that fall flat in the sea and turquoise, crystal clear water.

Hurghada offers some of the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea and many exclusive hotels and shops. El Dahar North, the northern most beach in the city of Hurghada, bears the name “Blue Lagoon Beach”.

The coarse white sandy beach is not only popular with families.

The recreational activities

The recreational activities in your holiday in Hurghada can be extensive. Besides diving and water skiing, you can go here with boats and banana boats and do the fun sports. The offer on the southern beach of El Dahar is also great.

There is also the possibility to ride on a donkey or camel during your holiday in Hurghada. You can also experience dolphin tours, where you come in contact with your specific marine animals.

Hurghada will treat you during your package holiday on much more than pure swimming and beach fun. The typical bazaars in the old town with oriental flair are a feast for the eyes and an experience at the same time.

A camel ride during a travel tour in the Western dissatisfied Arab desert is a great way to experience the ancient desert life of your Hurghada holiday.

Discover the breathtaking beauties of Egypt (Egypt Travel Guide)

With plenty of species-rich coral reefs, Hurghada is a paradise for divers and snorkelers, but also for peace seekers. Enjoy care free vacation days in an oriental atmosphere and let yourself been chanted during your journey through the fairy tale under water world of the Red Sea.

A particularly impressive cosmos of coral clusters will please you in your holiday in Hurghada, the Gift  Islands. Travel by boat for an unforgettable diving and snorkeling trip.

The breathtaking red islands are protected from the weather and have white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. You will also discover an incredible abundance and variety of fish and coral.

Back on the land, you can enjoy the holiday in Hurghada, which is located in the countryside with a quad or jeep on the traditional Bedouin village in the legendary Egyptian desert.

In the Bedouin village you can ride camels, strengthen yourself with black tea and get to know the life of the hospitable Bedouin. Egypt is home to the sights that you recognize during a day trip to Luxor.

In the Valley of the Kings thousands of ancient pharaohs are digging, on top of Colossi of Memnon and breathtaking pyramids – all testimonies of a once high civilization that neither begs nor fascinates.

Facts about Egypt

There are approx 80 million people living on a 1 001 450 square kilometer area.
The capital in Egypt is Cairo.
A large part of Egypt is the Sahara desert where there are almost no vegetation. The official language in Egypt is Arabic, but alot of the people in the cities talk both English and French.

We hope that this Egypt travel guide will make your vacation to Egypt will be just as fulfilling as our vacation was and this new article on 5  places to visit Turkey will help you enjoy your another middle east country visit.

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