5 Challenges Faced in Packaging a Portable Escape Room

While surfing the internet, have you ever come across a ‘portable escape room,’ and wondered what that is? It is an adventurous escape game that can be easily carried in a box.   

The idea of a portable escape room might not be a new one. It appeared simultaneously with the traditional escape rooms, if not earlier. They are a great alternative for anyone who wants to enjoy an escape game from a venue of their choice.  

The principles used in a standard escape room are used by portable escape rooms as well but in an off-site environment.  

These ‘puzzles in a box’ are suitable for all ages. Anyone above the age of six can play these games. The portable escape room experience is extremely flexible and can accommodate both small groups and large groups at the same time.   

They are ideal for team-building or corporate events as well as for birthday parties.  

Usually, these games are set-up in 2 variants: –   

  1. Escape games for business (team-building activity)  
  2. Escape games for fun (to play with family and friends)  

Within these two variants, the consumers can choose a theme of their choices like mystery, murder, horror, sci-fi, or any other theme as per their choice.   

Some brands also make customized games for escape enthusiasts to build an escape game with the client’s specifications. Experienced companies can seamlessly integrate any theme that the client would like to showcase, and provide them with appropriate decorations, props, and scenarios.   

Challenges faced in packaging portable escape games:  

Now that we have talked about portable escape rooms and how they are enjoyable from a venue of our choice, we are going to discuss the challenges that brands face while packaging a portable escape room!  

  • Missing pieces of puzzles and riddles:  

Imagine buying a portable escape game to play with your friends or family and then finding out that a piece of the puzzle is missing! How will you feel about that?  

It is one of the major challenges while packaging an escape game.  

Even if the tiniest of pieces/props is missing, it will surely hinder the whole experience of the game.  

Sometimes, the players do not realize that something is missing and continue to play the game only to find out later that the game cannot be completed. If this happens, the players get highly disappointed and feel as if all their efforts were in vain.  

  • Careful packing of fragile pieces: 

To make the game an immersive and exhilarating one, the props must look as real as possible. To accomplish that, the brands often make their props with fragile items to give them a more genuine feel.  

However, these real-looking props come with major problems. These props are usually fragile and can break easily.   

How would you feel if you open the box to find that in the game of angels and demons, the angels’ halo is broken or the treasure of the treasure hunt is shattered into a million little pieces? Disappointed, right?  

To avoid this issue, it is essential to pack the fragile pieces carefully preferably, in bubble wrap or polystyrene packaging.   

  • High-quality and attractive exterior: 

To increase the sales of any product, packaging needs to be captivating. How the product looks externally is essential because it provides external cues to taste, design, performance, quality, value, and prestige.  

Along with the aesthetic beauty, the packaging of a portable escape room should also include details about the game and the brand (Example: Logo of the brand, description of the game, and pictures relating to the theme of the game).  

Therefore, even for a portable escape room, it becomes essential that the packaging is attractive.  

  • Humongous sizes and large boxes:  

The whole point of a mobile game is that it can be carried anywhere and by anyone.  

If the box of the portable escape room is too big, it will become difficult to carry, and it wouldn’t be possible to move it according to our convenience.  

Keeping this in mind, the size of the artifacts should be adjusted accordingly.  

Therefore, it becomes very crucial to keep the size of the products in mind while packaging a portable escape room.  

  • Overpriced packing:  

The cost of the packaging of a product is essential to determine the overall cost of the product. If the cost of packaging is too high, the price of the product will increase as well.  

Imagine receiving a product that is packed in cheap plastic, and the packet is getting torn from every angle! You would immediately doubt the quality of the product just by looking at the packaging, right? After all, first impressions do matter.  

Hence, it becomes extremely important for the packaging to be cheap, yet it should not affect the quality.  In the same way, the packaging of a portable escape room should not cost a ton. It should be affordable so that the price of the product doesn’t skyrocket because of it.  Therefore, the cost of the packaging should be economical and should not hinder the quality of the packaging.  


The portable escape games are a great alternative to traditional escape rooms. They can be played by anyone, anywhere, and at any place along with anyone. They offer a perfect time in offices, hotel ballrooms, parks, and even at your own homes.  

Stated above are the challenges that are faced while packaging a portable escape room.  

If the brand can overcome these challenges, they can market their portable escape game very well and reach the zenith within no time.  

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