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Social Media Detox: 7 Things You Can Do on Your Phone When in Social Media Break

With the internet and a smartphone, you have a world of choices of different social media platforms to register or create an account, follow people, and post about everything you do under the sun. You can also get access to different news sources, informative contents, funny videos and crazy “memes”. 

But, as the social media era and popularity continues, there are evident reasons we can say that these platforms are slowly giving birth to most people’s insecurities and unmanageable toxicity. You may see harsh comments, unfiltered contents, fake news and information as you scroll through your feed. 

That’s why you should also take a break for some time by considering social media detox. And to help you with that, we listed these things you can do on your phone aside from scrolling through your social media feeds. 

So, browse through the next pages and see what else you can do on your phone aside from social media bingeing, and how to survive social media detox. Read further and see the social media detox tips for yourself. 

1. Join the writing community: Start your blog and begin writing interesting and inspiring contents.

The first suggestion on the list will still give you the chance to post about your experiences, and everything that you see is worth-sharing about your life – it’s none other than starting your blog. 

If you already have one, then it’s better. Instead of spending most of your precious time scrolling through different social media platforms, why not make use of your writing skills to inspire people?

On your blog, you may write contents you think may capture the interests of your target readers. Or produce contents that meet your line of expertise.   

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2. Say “Hi” and “I miss you”: Log in to your personal life through reconnecting with your loved ones. 

Think of a loved one or a friend you haven’t talked to in years or months now. Then, instead of scrolling through your social media feeds, reconnect with them and start a conversation by saying “Hi”.

It will give you the time to enjoy logging out of your social media life and logging in to your personal life. Reunite with family and friends through Zoom or Skype or even with a phone call or text message. 

3. For adults only: Stay entertained by playing mobile slots.

The next thing you may do as you log out of all your social media profiles is to stay entertained by playing mobile slots, which is, of course, for adults only. And yes, you can now enjoy playing your favourite mobile slots without going to the brick-and-mortar casinos.

What you’ll love about playing mobile slots is you can still earn free spins or earn money. Playing mobile slots is indeed one of the best ways to keep adults as entertained as possible, especially when undergoing a social media detox. 

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4. Read a virtual book

If you see yourself overusing social media apps or spending most of your time on your phone but don’t make you feel productive at all, then why not use your phone to read books virtually? Instead of social media bingeing, expand your vocabulary and dive into the magical world of fantasy with the help of e-books. 

It’s a perfect way to learn and to stay busy, especially if you have no access or far from the city’s library. Also, reading virtual books may boost your creativity, and ease your anxiety and stress too.

So, if you’ve been longing to read and finish a particular book but not in the mood to visit a bookstore, try to make an online purchase or see if it’s available on e-library. Then, read your way out to social media toxicity.  

5. If you’re not into reading, listen to a podcast instead.

However, if you’re not a book person, don’t worry because you can still make yourself busy on your phone without logging into your social media accounts through listening to a podcast. Podcasts won’t only keep you entertained but will also educate you.

Instead of eavesdropping in other people’s lives through their feed, why not do the eavesdropping that will help you learn something? You may search for top inspirational podcasts for beginners to start your way to get accustomed to it. 

6. Manage your well-being by registering to an online health and fitness class.

Another productive and best way to use your phone instead of social media bingeing is to keep your well-being in check. Monitor and prioritise your health through registering and enrolling to online health and fitness class. 

If you don’t feel like subscribing to an online fitness class with fees, you may still help yourself release some endorphins through watching exercise guides on Youtube. An hour-long of exercise is enough to keep you energised throughout the day.  

7. Learn a new recipe with the help of Google and food blogs. 

The last thing on the list is to use your phone to learn a new recipe with the help of Google, food blogs and of course, Youtube. And if you aren’t a good cook, then it’s time to find your way to being an expert one. 

Read and follow a recipe online, watch the right way to cook this or bake that, know the dos and don’ts in cooking or baking or watch cooking tips for beginners. And voila! You’ll soon name yourself “The best cook in town!”.

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Signing in to a more productive life without social media

Having a social media account isn’t a crime. But, spending too much of your time scrolling to your feeds reading harsh comments, getting false information and so on are reasons why you should log out for some time. 

So, use your phone differently and more productively with the help of the following tips above. And see how it can change your mood and productivity in an instant. 

If you successfully survived a social media detox, share your experience and story with us. And if you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends as well. 

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